Friday, 10 October 2008

New Bike Alert!

Disproportionately excited today - ordered a new bike on Cyclescheme yesterday that should make my multi-modal commute a whole lot easier.
I use a train/bike combo to get to work and at times it can be pretty tough getting onto packed rush hour trains. A few mates have got Birdys and Bromptons and swear by the convenience of them, so I thought I'd take the plunge.
For the first time (discounting a brief flirtation with a Raleigh Twenty, rescued from the tip) I'm doing the folding bike thing. I've purchased a Dahon (pronounced Daaah - hon, or so I'm told) Speed D7. I've seen a few of them around (not suprising as they're billed by Dahon as the world's most popular folding bike). £329 quid and a decent spec - makes the (admittedly brilliant) Brompton look horrendously overpriced.
Puts me in the nice position of being able to re-purpose by commuting bike into anything I like. Suppose I could just leave it alone...

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SiouxGeonz said...

'round here we call them Day- Hons. I got a Speed P8 in February and we are very fond of each other. It's very versatile.