Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Dahon d7 + bar ends

Sometimes, the littlest tweaks on a bike make all the difference. A good saddle, some new tyres, even an adjustment or tune up here and there. 

And so it goes with the Dahon - have been riding the bike with bar ends for the past few days and it's really transformed the ride. I know this sounds silly, but on a folding bike that really responds best to 'in the saddle' pedalling, a fore and aft hand position really helps. I'm riding faster everywhere, my wrists and palms don't ache and it feels so much more stable  - more natural cornering and easier to hold a straight line. 

If you own a Dahon D7 try a pair - stubbies work best as they don't interfere with the folding process. I might wrap the bar ends with cork handlebar tape for more comfort, or splash out on some Ergon grips/bar ends or Cane Creek Ergo Bar Ends

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