Friday, 27 March 2009

Dahon Meets Hairy Bovine (and other stories)

Here are some recent shots of the Dahon doing what it does best - mooching around. The Carradice Camper Longflap works so well on the folder, keeping the laptop and other stuff high and dry - out of the way of road spray. Clips on and off in seconds thanks to the superbly designed Carradice SQR. The other day, attached to the country bike, it carried a bundle of birch logs foraged from the local woods - great firewood this morning when typing this...

Above: On the Ashton Canal in central Manchester on a sunny evening in March. 
Above: D7 - Highland Cattle interface - make no mistake, these are scary animals
Above and Below: D7 in one of my favourite local riding spots - the River Alt footbridge in Croxteth Park. 

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Anonymous said...

I am standing at a crossroads where I have to decide which Dahon to buy. You have had the D7 for just over a year. What are your thoughts?
I like the stem idea, as I am 6´1" and used to riding a racing bike. I need the portability but I am unsure where to start and also how much to spend on the C2W scheme! Don´t want to have nearly £50 taken from my wages each month for a £1000 bike but then I think they are paying half!